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Pharmacy Project

This project commenced in 2005 and is designed to bring the pharmacy to the community. The project has been able to continue to bring up to date information to the local community via networking at health information events.  Information displays on the pharmacy window and the lay health workers involvement in passing information leaflets to community members.  The link with P7 pupils offers a crucial opportunity for the young people to get to know the pharmacist out of the pharmacy setting. An activity based session allows the pharmacist to communicate information on what the pharmacist provides and topics such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, and healthy lifestyles to the young people which will influence what choices they make regarding their health.  Healthy IT continues to be a very enjoyable informative programme for all participants allowing them to meet the pharmacist, alternative therapists and other health support workers and learning to access the internet to benefit their health.  Senior citizens continue to enjoy the assistance of the lay health worker in bringing interesting speakers to their group.  ie. Podiatrist, warm homes scheme, Alzheimer’s society, Environmental health.  Portglenone youth Group have benefited from the input in their project by the Lay Health Worker.  They have enjoyed sexual health information sessions in partnership with KISS and their local pharmacist.  Covering topics on Depression, Emergency Life Skills training, career information and helping out in a variety of events.

For further advice please visit :

Advice on depression visit  http://www.beatingtheblues.co.uk/

Advice on drugs and where to get help visit http://www.talktofrank.com/

The Family Health Initiative – Early Years http://www.early-years.org/health

Simon Community Homelessness intervention web based Resource for Primary, Secondary and Youth Groups


British Lung Foundation 

Portglenone Gets Healthy with

Bannside Pharmacy, Portglenone

bigstock_Healthy_Living_Apple_Illustrat_22455329-300x278Free 12 week Wellbeing and Weight Loss programme

Starting the week of Monday 22nd September 2014

The maximum number of participants is 100 on a first come first served basis.

The study is open to any member of the community over 18 in a position to give informed consent.

An information evening will take place in the Portglenone Community Centre @ 8pm on Thursday 18thSeptember.

Contact us for more information on 02825 821 333 or emailbannsidepharmacy@btconnect.com

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Funded by the National Pharmacy Association Health Education Foundation & NHSCT

The Wednesday Ladies  Gym Group

If you would like to join in meet at PEG office 10.40am to travel  (car share) to Lavey Termoneeny Centre to work on building fitness levels and socialise with cuppa afterwards. All for £2!

Monday Men’s Gym meet Mondays
‘Christmas Trimmings’

This was a 5 week weight loss programme funded by the Community Pharmacy Project where the pharmacist  at Bannside Pharmacy and Lay Health Worker at Portglenone Enterprise Group worked with a local group on a fitness and healthy eating program.
Over 5 weeks 11 of the 16 participants lost a combined total weight of 53.5lb and the remaining 5 gained 7.5lb, resulting in a net loss of 46lb – an average of 2.9lb each.

11 of the ladies returned for blood tests at the end. There was no significant change in total cholesterol overall with 5 increasing and 6 decreasing. However there was a trend where 3 of the ladies with elevated levels had also increased weight and a 4th had only shed ½ lb. This demonstrated that the ladies who engaged properly with the programme, benefited significantly.

Two of the participants’ blood pressure dropped from borderline to normal. Another lady reported a significant improvement in her depression since taking part in the project.

One of the ladies who is arthritic  has not needed any Naproxen (which she had been using regularly) since getting involved in this programme.

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