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A Vibrant Village

Portglenone sits astride the River Bann with the main part of the village to the east, in County Antrim, and Glenone to the west in County Derry/ Londonderry.  It is the hub of an essentially rural, farming community and home to many commuters who mostly work in the Ballymena area.  Visitors to Portglenone regularly comment on how busy it always seems and indeed, despite political or economic upheaval, the village has retained its original purpose, a market town.  Unlike many of its neighbouring villages it has a good variety of shops, an established ‘cafe culture’ and good parking.

This active, vibrant ambience is a direct reflection of the strong community spirit which has ensured that the most is made of the village’s natural assets.  The result is a small village which has much to involve its own people and still more to welcome its visitors.

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